I laid out a huge section today at work and then came home and jumped right into another big project: I’m repainting the house. Hopefully switching from dark brown to white will help reduce the a/c bills. I’m not looking forward to painting the trim (my least favorite part of any painting project), but the rest of it seems to be going smoothly thus far. I put two coats on the back side of the house, which faces south and is most in need of a more reflective surface. It looks pretty good. I’ll move the dropcloth to the driveway tomorrow morning and get the west side. It’s a larger area but should go much faster, as it doesn’t have as many wires and boxes and things to work around. I cannot begin to identify some of the things stuck to the back of my house. Some of them don’t even seem to be attached to anything — they’re just there, bolted on for no apparent reason. I need to figure out which ones I can remove without wreaking havoc on anything.

After it got too dark to paint, I took my plant markers out to the garage and hit them with a shot of lacquer. I need to do the back sides tomorrow and pick up some more wire to make the rest of the stakes for them so I can put them in the garden.

I had a bowl of broccoli casserole for dinner and will probably indulge my ice-cream craving with a Dymaxion sundae (orange sherbet with chocolate sauce — reputedly R. Buckminster Fuller’s favorite) in a few minutes. I need to muster the energy to finish up my house number project and clean the kitchen, but I don’t know whether that will happen tonight. The prospect of going to bed before 10 p.m. is awfully inviting….


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