About time

The Starlight Express got rather disappointing gas mileage all winter. I think it just doesn’t like cold weather (or the inefficient gas they sell in the winter), because I filled up tonight and finally found that I was getting acceptable gas mileage: just shy of 40 mpg on a mix of city and highway driving. Considering the car is rated for 38 highway and 31 city, that’s a pretty respectable number … especially when I didn’t even attempt to hypermile it until I got down to a quarter of a tank. I’ve been opting for 66 instead of the turnpike quite a bit lately, which I am sure contributed greatly to the improved mileage.

Just for kicks, I think I’ll get up 15 minutes early every day next week and hypermile it to work. I’ve never really tested the limits on this car.

More later. I’m headed to bed so I can get up early and run before work tomorrow. I wanted to do it after work this evening, but I stuffed myself at Ike’s this afternoon, and somehow running three miles in the heat with a belly full of greasy tamales and chili just didn’t sound all that appealing. (And I can’t figure out how I’ve gained all this weight. Go figure….)


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