Three miles

I went over to the River Parks trail and ran three miles this evening between work and church. It was a nice run. I inflated my stability ball last night and started doing some crunches, which I plan to do every day. It didn’t take very long, and I’m told that a little core training goes a long way toward boosting endurance on long runs, so I think it’s worth the time investment.

While I was on the trail, I saw a lot of people walking dogs, and the cottonwood trees were blowing fluff all over the place. It was a really good afternoon to be out there, and it seemed like half of Tulsa County was taking advantage of the weather.

I had to slow down to keep from hitting a scissortail that had parked itself on an I-44 on ramp this evening. It sat there until the last possible second and then took off. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear it just wanted to show me its pretty feathers up close.

I was talking to a friend after church this evening when a red fox came tearing down a sidewalk and into a yard nearby. It was really beautiful. I hope we don’t have any in our neighborhood, though. I’d hate for a fox to get into the chicken tractor and attack my girls.

I saw a male cardinal while I was running along the trail. It was really pretty.

This weekend should be interesting. I’ve got my choice of a 5K or a 5-mile race on Saturday. (I’ll probably opt for the 5K, as I don’t think I could run five miles at race pace right now. Which is too bad, as the 5-miler is a benefit for the trail.)

I also need to paint the outside of the house, and the inside could use a good cleaning and reorganizing, and of course I’ve still got that giant stack of Sentinels and Journals to catch up. I can’t really clean the living room until I get done reading all those magazines so I can take them to the Reading Room for our librarian to pass along to somebody else. I need to put together the next Oklahoma Route 66 Association newsletter, too, if I can wiggle a hand free. I’d hoped to take Gretchen over to Stroud, just for fun (and to blow a little carbon out of the engine), but I doubt I’ll have time.

We’ll see how much I actually get done. At least I won’t be bored….


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