I saw a gigantic, bright green bullfrog hopping across 33rd this afternoon as I was heading to lunch. I hope it got across the road in one piece. It didn’t seem to be in any particular hurry as cars slowed down to avoid it.

The rainy weather we’ve had lately (it’s rained every day for the past week and a half or so) has really brought the frogs out. They were singing again when I came out of church last night.

I forgot to mention it the other day, but I saw an absolutely gorgeous bird flying across Route 66 somewhere between Bristow and Kellyville as I was coming back from dinner Tuesday night. It was pretty big and had a bright yellow underside. It was moving fast, so I didn’t get a really good look at it, but I think it was a meadowlark. Very striking, whatever it was. I never knew what meadowlarks looked like until just a minute ago. They always make me think about that pretty Stephen Schwartz song from the musical The Baker’s Wife.

I have a cute story about a mosquito (you didn’t know that was possible, did you?) but am too tired to post it right now, so I’ll save it for later.