Somewhere That’s Green

So I bought an utterly fabulous book in Weatherford a few weeks ago: the Better Homes & Gardens Decorating Book (copyright 1956).

I’d had an idea I might scan bits of it and post them on my blog, accompanied by snarky comments, a la the Lileks Gallery of Regrettable Foods or It Came from the 1971 Sears Catalog (two of the finest time-wasters on the Internet) … but I thought I’d better Google it first to make sure that nobody else had already done something similar to what I was planning.

In my search, I found a great blog entry from a guy who not only scanned several of the illustrations, but also painted three of them on a wall behind a friend’s mid-century furniture store. Go take a look at it, because it’s fabulous.

So is the book, for that matter. If you can find a copy on eBay or in a used bookstore somewhere for less than 20 bucks, it’s probably worth owning.