Green frogs

The new Tulsa Area Green Directory is out. Go buy one. You can get ’em for two bucks apiece from Wild Oats or the Tomato Man, or just look at it online at

After further research, I discovered that my good intentions about taking the bus to work will likely come to naught, as Tulsa Transit appears to be ignoring the existence of Red Fork (and most of the rest of Southwest Tulsa, for that matter). In order to get to work by 9 a.m. via bus, I would have to get up at 6 a.m., leave the house at 6:30, walk a mile and a half to the bus stop, catch the bus at 7, ride it a couple of miles to a housing project, sit in the middle of the projects all by myself for 20 minutes on a bench with no roof over it (sure to be an incredibly pleasant experience in July and August), catch another bus to 81st and Lewis, and then walk another mile to the office.

To quote a former boss of mine: “I’m thinkin’ that’s a no.”

Thanks to the aforementioned Green Directory, I think I’ve found a viable alternative: Carpooling. After growing up listening to Mom tell me never, ever to pick up hitchhikers or accept rides from strangers, I got on and signed up for their carpooling program, which revolves around participants’ willingness to get in the car with a stranger. Sorry, Mom. It’s your own fault for letting me read all those copies of Mother Earth News during my formative years.

The local frogs were going nuts tonight as I was leaving church. They love warm, rainy weather like we’ve had lately, and they really let it be known this evening. You’ve never heard such singing in your life. Local blogger/political gadfly Michael Bates has posted an utterly adorable MP3 on his blog. He recorded the frogs singing around his backyard pond. Their little voices are beyond cute; you really must hear them.

Despite his frequent professions of faith in conservative politics, I suspect Bates of being a closet hippie. I could totally see him on a homestead in Montana, writing fiery editorials for Backwoods Home magazine and fighting The Man in between trips into town to buy Wall O’ Waters repair kits, canning-jar lids, and sweet feed. 😉

Hope your evening was full of adorable frog songs and interesting opportunities to do grassroots carbon-reducing, community-building-type action.


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