Stupidity, part deux

How long can the Red Fork Hippie Chick shuffle around in Birkenstocks while her Brooks Adrenalines languish in the closet?

Exactly five months, one week, and two days.

I have now put 26 races on my calendar between tomorrow this morning and Dec. 31, including two 15Ks, two half-marathons, five full marathons (two of them back-to-back) and a 50K.

Apparently I’m still a runner.

Yes, yes, I know … I’ve got STUPIDITY … but before you accuse me of being a totally masochistic idiot, please keep in mind two important points:

1. I am not as crazy as this woman.
2. Marathoners (particularly those of the not-very-fast-or-serious variety, which obviously describes me) never count carbs. We simply inhale them.

Pass the Twinkies. I’ve got a race in the morning. Five bucks says I set a PR in the wrong direction … but I should still be finished in plenty of time to hit the breakfast buffet at Ollie’s.