Slow day

Songdog climbed up on the couch beside me tonight and attempted to convince me that 50 pounds is not too large to be classified as a lap dog. He’s a sweetheart. I took advantage of the opportunity to brush his coat — something I probably ought to do at least once a week, but somehow only get around to doing a couple of times a year.

A casual observer, seeing the enormous mass of sable-colored hair I cleaned out of the brushes, would have suspected that this male collie-heeler mix had somehow defied the laws of biology and given birth to a full-grown Pomeranian.

It’s nice to have my big projects behind me, for the most part. Maybe now I can get back to work on Jamie’s alphabet book and the neon sign restoration I promised out three years ago.

I also need to repaint the outside of the house and start my labyrinth project while it’s still early enough in the season to do the plantings next to the path, but I think the neon has to be my top priority. Once that’s done, I’ll worry about the rest.

I feel another creative outburst coming on. We’ll see what craziness I come up with this time….