Planting day!

Today is the most important day of my whole year. More important than Thanksgiving. More important than Christmas. More important than my anniversary. More important than my birthday. More important than Bloomsday, the Ides of March, or the Longest Day of the Year.

Today is the day we plant tomatoes.

We held the line this year and chose just 14 plants, representing 11 varieties. We planted nine of them today; Ron will dig postholes for the other five after the chickens prepare the soil for him this week. The rest of the planting will be done next weekend, after the girls have had time to scratch up the rest of the garden.

Today, we planted two each of Cherokee Purple, Creole, and 1884 and one each of Shah (click the link and then scroll down to see the picture and info), Royal Hillbilly, and Brandywine Cherry (No. 9 on the Tomato Man’s top 10 list).

Not all of the varieties I wanted were available when we bought plants a couple of weeks ago, so we went back today (the official opening day for the Tomato Man, although his “early bird” offerings were out April 1) and picked up herbs and peppers and a few more tomatoes.

We got five more tomato plants today: Mortgage Lifter, Goliath, Ugly, Sioux, and Black Krim.

I also picked up three cayenne pepper plants from the Farmer’s Feed Store in Sapulpa the other day, and I bought two Aji Dulces, a Fish, a Yellow Peter, a Jamaican Hot Yellow, and a chocolate habanero today.

I finally have my herb garden in the ground. I used peat moss and cedar shavings to build up the area around the Very Last Truffula Stump of Them All, and then I planted curled parsley, purple and garden sage, upright and prostrate rosemary, elfin and garden thyme, dill, Florence fennel, lemon and Italian basil, and probably some other stuff I’ve forgotten about. I bought a Greek oregano plant but will put it in a container, as oregano is a mint and I don’t trust it to stay where I put it without supervision.

Ron found a snail shell today and gave it to me. I’m going to make some kind of Altoid-tin shadowbox using the shell, 15 cents, and a nail. (After all, you never know when you might find yourself at the far end of town where the grickle-grass grows, and at such moments, it’s always wise to have the proper change.)

I think the yard looks pretty good. Our neighbor to the south came over to talk chickens with us. He said he’s going to bring his toddler over to see them. That should be a hoot. Little kids and chickens are a hilarious combination. We gave him a jar of honey, since he’d been supportive of our bee project.

I saw a cardinal perched on the power line above the garage while we were outside.

That’s all for now. I have some pictures from my trip to Clinton yesterday (more about that later), but I haven’t Photoshopped them yet, and we just grabbed egg rolls from QuikTrip for lunch today, so I’m pretty sure there’s a double dip at MaggieMoo’s with my name on it….