Bisy Backson

Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of days. I’ve been a little snowed under with a big Route 66 project that eats a big chunk of time every spring, and I probably won’t have a hand free to blog again for a couple more days.

In the meantime, we’ll see how many Milne fans are reading this blog. (I’ll explain the title of this entry later….)



One thought on “Bisy Backson”

  1. Emily –

    Good luck with your project. Hope you’ll be Backson when you’re less Bisy. =) Just wanted to let you know that I’ve recently stumbled upon your blog and really enjoy reading it. I love Milne, and I love the first paragraph of this story.

    IT was going to be one of Rabbit’s busy days. As soon as he
    woke up he felt important, as if everything depended upon him.
    It was just the day for Organizing Something, or for Writing a
    Notice Signed Rabbit, or for Seeing What Everybody Else Thought
    About It… It was a Captainish sort of day, when everybody
    said, “Yes, Rabbit ” and “No, Rabbit,” and waited until he had
    told them.

    Some days you do just wake up feeling like there are important things to be done in the world. And often there really are.

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