My little girls are growing up. Here’s Maud (as in Adams), (barely) tolerating a little snorgling from Mommy.

Five bucks says I go vegetarian again before the summer is out….


And here’s Pushy Galore, my buff Orpington. Pushy and Maud and the rest of the Bond chicks have gotten most of their big-girl feathers in now and are about the size of full-grown bantams. They’ve still got a long way to go before they’re full-grown, and they’re still peeping instead of clucking, but every now and then, one of them will make a funny little noise that isn’t exactly a peep but definitely isn’t a cluck. Even if I could think up a word to describe the sound, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t spell it. I think it’s the chicken equivalent of that funny sound 12-year-old boys make when their voice is changing and the pitch gets away from them.


This is the bird’s nest fern I picked up at Southwood Nursery the other day. I repotted it today so it would have room to grow.

We stopped by Southwood again today to pick up a purple smoke tree. We needed something to shade the pond, but Ron didn’t want anything too tall, lest it end up reaching the roofline and shading the Suncubes when we get them. Smoke trees top out around 15 feet, which is about right. We planted our little tree this afternoon:


Of course I couldn’t resist sneaking into the greenhouse at Southwood and putting a few herbs in the cart while Ron wasn’t looking.

Here’s a curry plant. I had one last year and loved its intoxicating smell (reminsicent of good tikka masala) so much that I couldn’t pass up the chance to buy another.


Halfway to Scarborough Fair: purple sage and prostrate rosemary.

Could be an illusion, but I might as well try….


I know what you’re thinking, but I swear I didn’t adjust the saturation on this photo. The blossom really is that red. Bonus: I had no idea there were tulips in my front yard. This one was just a nice surprise this morning.

We got a lot done today. In addition to planting the smoke tree and transplanting herbs, I helped Ron pour the Sackrete for the umbrella clothesline I got him for his birthday. (Yes, that’s what he wanted. He does our laundry and likes to line-dry things when the weather is pretty. No, I did not buy the one you see in the link above. We found one at Swinney’s for about a third of the price. One more reason to shop local!)

I still have a bunch of stuff left to do, but most of it is desk work. I’ll get to it later. We’ve got The Outsiders on DVD, and Ron is chomping at the bit to watch it. We’ve worked hard this weekend, so I think we’ve earned a couple of hours zoning out in front of the TV.

Hope you had a good weekend, too.