Tulsa is absolutely gorgeous right now. I think every flowering tree in the county is in bloom — redbuds, Bradford pears, tulip trees, you name it. The weather is amazing, and it’s just a few days until the official start of spring.

We went to see a movie last night, and when we came out of the theater, I could hear frogs singing somewhere nearby.

This is my favorite time of year.


P.S.: I let Song into my office a couple of hours ago, and he has been sitting next to Juliet’s cage, staring intently at her the entire time. The odd part is that a half-dozen young chickens are peeping their heads off less than two feet from his ear, and he is not the least bit interested in them. Meanwhile, Scout — who is a rat terrier and is thus bred to be the sworn enemy of rodents — has completely ignored the gerbil, choosing instead to focus her full attention on the chicks. Jason, of course, has passed out in the living room and is happily dreaming of chasing bunnies, which is how he spends most of his time….

When gerbils attack

Here is the intrepid and lethal Stealth Gerbil, terror of the desert, lying in wait for her prey:


Slowly, she draws herself up to her full height, staring at her prey — an inquisitive collie mix — as she mesmerizes the poor creature with the Secret Irresistible Beady-Eyed Stare of Gerbil Mojo …


… before, with lightning-quick ferocity, she terrifies her hapless victim by roaring her terrible roar and rolling her terrible eyes and gnashing her terrible teeth and sticking her terrible tail straight up in the Ancient Gerbil Voodoo Dance of Doom:


For the record, staring at Juliet kept Songdog quiet for the better end of an hour this evening. What a great dogsitter she is….