Update on projects

I had a pretty productive weekend. Didn’t finish everything on my to-do list, but I got a lot of stuff done. Here are a few updates on some of the projects I’ve been working on lately:

1. Wild Things — The mural is nearly finished. I think it looks pretty good. I still need to come back with a paintmarker and finish up the detail work on the Wild Thing and a couple of the trees, but all the painting is done, so I was able to pick up the dropcloth tonight and throw it away. It’s nice to have my floor back….



2. The Lorax — I marked off a circle four feet in diameter, spaded it up, and planted umpteen different kinds of flowers, then bought enough pavers to make a ring around it.


I was planning to put a birdfeeder in the center of the circle and make a half-moon-shaped stone with the word “UNLESS” etched into it, but as I went to get the birdfeeder, my eye fell on the remnants of a boxelder we’d had removed from our yard last year. It struck me that one of the trunk sections (which were too big to fit in our stove this winter) would stand in nicely for the Very Last Truffula Stump of Them All — a fitting centerpiece for a tribute to the Lorax, don’t you think?


I made this little plaque to hang off the stump. We got a lot of rain last night and today, so of course it looks like Woodstock out there where I planted the flowers. I made the mistake of trying to sit on the stump today, and I promptly sank in mud up to my ankle and had to hose off my shoe before I came back inside. Once the yard dries out a bit, I’ll go back out there and install the plaque. I thought this was a good substitute for the stone with the word “UNLESS” on it that’s in the book. I’ll probably make an UNLESS stone later, but I haven’t figured out how to do it yet, and I thought this would work in the meantime.

3. Chicks — The chicks continue to grow at a spectacular rate. I shot these pictures a couple of days ago. They’re already bigger and have more grownup feathers than you see here.



Hope you had a good — and productive — weekend, too.


5 thoughts on “Update on projects”

  1. Thanks! It was easy enough to do — I just sketched it on there with a pencil and then borrowed a couple of rugrats from a friend of mine to help me paint the large blocks of color. The worst part is trying to do crosshatching on a rough surface. (The wall is covered with Masonite paneling that’s textured to look like stucco, and it eats paintmarkers.)

    I grew up with murals — my mom painted three of them for me over the years. The first was a set of Pooh characters scattered around the perimeter of my room when I was 5, followed by a rainbow and clouds when I was 9 and a sunset and palm trees when I was 12. I think this has something to do with why I think every empty surface in my house is a blank canvas.

    I’m giving vague consideration to the possibility of putting Willys Butte on our bedroom wall, although I think that’s a bit more than I’m in the mood to bite off right away, and I need to repaint the exterior of the house and garage before I do much else this spring.

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