Wild Things in Red Fork


My office … where the Wild Things wielded paintbrushes this morning.



We got most of the large, munchkin-level areas of color filled in today. I am in the process of painting the high parts by myself. I’ll give everything a second coat later, and then I can break out the paintmarkers and start adding detail. Photos forthcoming when I finish.


In case you’re wondering what Wild Things eat, the answer is: chocolate-chip cookies with frosting and lots of sprinkles. We stirred up the cookie dough, but it didn’t want to stick together very well, so I finally dumped it out on the table and let them knead it like playdough until it was a workable consistency. Cookies are more fun if you stir them with your fingers. Especially if you’re Jaiden, who found it convenient to use her tongue to clean the dough off her hands afterward.


Ron helped the kids drop spoonfuls of dough onto baking trays while I took some photos for posterity. Ron always claims he’s no good with kids, but I think Jaiden and Corbin would argue otherwise.



And a few of the finished cookies. The rest were packed into old Cool Whip tubs and sent home with Terriann. She can afford the extra sprinkles better than I can, ‘cos she’s supposed to be carbo-loading for her next marathon. 😉


This is the happiest moment of Songdog’s life. He’s got the couch to lie on and a kid to pet him. What more could a collie mutt want?


Look at those smiles. I think Song would follow Corbin to the ends of the earth. Jaiden has her foot on Song’s hindquarters because she is trying to make him stop wagging his tail, which kept hitting her in the face. I think Jaiden learned the meaning of the phrase “exercise in futility” today. That dog’s tail didn’t stop wagging the entire time the kids were here. He was just a walking, wagging, beaming expression of joy.

Scout thought the kids were OK, but she was more interested in eating the leftover crusts off their PBJs and the sprinkles and cookie crumbs they dropped under the table. Anybody who dispenses food is fine with Scout.

Meanwhile, Jason got so excited at one point that he just spazzed out and did this weird little dance, with his front feet pawing the ground and his back feet hopping up and down, propelling him around in a circle while his tail whipped around like a helicopter. I’m not sure what that was about. I’ve never seen him do it before. He loves kids, so we’re assuming his mysterious performance was some kind of secret greyhound happy dance.

Hope you had a crazy-happy-dance-with-frosting-and-sprinkles-on-top kind of day, too. 🙂


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