Ask the Hippie, Vol. 2, Issue 2

From a search term used to find this blog today:

Q. Where are the best places to take st louis snow photos?

A. Tower Grove Park. It looks like something out of a postcard. Especially the Shakespeare statue. I took some stunning snow photos out there about eight or nine years ago.

Also, I would suggest a quartet of snow-covered concrete animals:
1. The Turtle Playground (on Oakland, just off I-64, across from a little Irish pub in Dogtown; I want to say you take the Kingshighway exit south and then hang a right on Oakland)
2. The Bevo Fox (at the A-B brewery; I think it’s on Arsenal, but if not, Arsenal will get you to the brewery, and you can wander around from there — or just go take the tour, which will also get you close to the Clydesdales and several other photogenic parts of the complex)
3. The bears in front of Kiel Opera House (just down Market Street from Union Station, as I recall … and while you’re at it, the Mermaid Fountain in front of Union Station would make a cool snow photo)
4. The sea serpent at the City Museum (the museum is on Washington Avenue; I forget the cross-street you turn on to get to the parking lot surrounded by the serpent fence, but there are usually banners all over Washington Avenue to let you know when you’re getting warm)

A trip up the Arch would give you a nice vantage point for an aerial view of the city during a snowfall (or any other time), and City Hall (on Tucker, I think) would be gorgeous in the snow, as would those water intake towers that are visible from the middle of the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge in North St. Louis County.