Is anybody running?

I have consistently fallen behind on posting the training schedules for anyone interested in running either the OKC Memorial Marathon or Route 66 Marathon this year.

I’ve yet to hear anyone ask where it is, even when I am several days behind in posting.

If anyone has any intention of running either race this year, you have until midnight today (Wednesday, Jan. 17) to let me know. If I don’t hear from anybody by that point, I am going to take down the “Triple Dog Dare” page and exchange running for other pursuits that I feel are more important to my personal progress at this time.

Again: If you want to run and would like my help, let me know, and I will make the time to help you at all costs. If I do not hear from you immediately, I am going to kick off my running shoes for the moment and allow the current of my life to carry me to the new challenges that seem to be surfacing just ahead of me.