Fire! Fire! Fire’s cool!

Red Fork to Mitchell: We have fire!

Anybody who saw me stand in the middle of the Luna Cafe with a spark tester in one hand and a ruby-glass cherry in the other during the 2004 Illinois Route 66 Association Motor Tour knows what this means.

Anybody who didn’t witness that doesn’t need to know what this means. All you need to know is that today marks the beginning of the end of a project that has been hanging over me for the better end of three years. Today, I can begin the process of relearning an art medium I studied for a year and a half in St. Louis. Today, I can knock the rust off, practice things I haven’t attempted in years, and start the long road toward completion of a project I promised out in 2004 but never had a chance to finish.

Bill Fernau was right: When beginning any project, you should never give an estimate of the completion time or cost, because invariably, it will cost twice as much and take three times as long as your best guess.

If my best guess is correct, Bill will be just about right on both counts.

thinking that there’s no better way to start 2007 than by finally keeping that New Year’s resolution I made in 2005….

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