Signs of life

OK … it’s the day after Christmas, and I’ve got a mosquito buzzing around my office. Something isn’t right here.

Ah, well. If that’s the price I pay for a mild winter, I’ll take it. It’s chilly out, but not horrible. It was much colder last night, but I didn’t mind too much, because we had a warm fire going. Scout spent most of her Christmas stretched out next to the stove, soaking up the warmth. It takes a lot to coax her off the papasan, but the stove can do it.

I went to the Country Store today, just because I was in the mood to think about planting stuff. Bill and Kathey were happy to see me. Bill said the sight of me wandering into the store gave him hope that spring wasn’t too far away. “You’re like the first robin,” he said. “The first spring customer comes in, and I know the winter will be over before too long.”

I liked that.

The day the Cubs’ pitchers and catchers report to camp is the day spring training (and thus, to my way of thinking, spring itself) begins … which means we’re 50 days away from the first day of spring. 😉

Just wait ’til next year!

Oh, yeah — I bought a bag of sunflower seeds for the birds while I was at the Country Store. I’m hoping to attract bluejays. I haven’t really seen any since we moved, although Kathey says they’re all over the place. Maybe I can coax them into our yard. Mom and I used to have a ball watching the bluejays fight with the squirrels over the maple seeds that came twirling down from the trees in front of our house when I was a kid. Grace and I used to pick up the beautiful blue feathers the jays dropped, too.


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