I got sidetracked with all the excitement over Jamie and forgot to post the running schedule for the next week, so you got a free day off. Click the Triple Dog Dare tab to see it.

I am going to try to stay about two weeks ahead from here on in, just to keep on top of things a bit better, so pay careful attention to the dates.

I didn’t hear any complaints about the late schedule, so I’m not sure anybody is training anyway. But just in case I have some quiet runners out there who lurk but don’t post, I’ll keep putting up the schedule. If you’ve been thinking about trying this but are afraid it’s too late to start — it isn’t. E-mail me at sundayjohn66 (at) mac (dot) com and we’ll work out a modified training schedule to help you catch up. There’s a ton of flexibility in the Route 66/fall marathon training schedule, and at this point, you still have time to get ready for OKC or another spring marathon if you’re so inclined. Just let me know if you want to try it. I’d love to run into a few of you at the finish line.

If anybody is up for a very special training run on New Year’s Day, e-mail me. If I get enough responses, I’ll put something together.


P.S.: Jamie and Grace got to come home from the hospital last night. 🙂