Sweet Baby James

Can’t believe I didn’t think of that title two days ago. Can’t believe I held the child for the better end of an hour without singing “Fire and Rain” to him, either. I ought to be ashamed of myself….

Jamie and the Hippie Chick
Anyway, here I am with my ridiculously adorable new nephew. His mama shot the photo for us.

It was weird attending Grace’s shower last week. But it was way weirder to watch her tending to Jamie this weekend. I remember watching Mom take care of Grace when she was that size. It was hard to reconcile the memory of that little baby with the grown-up mommy I saw worrying over her own baby the last couple of days.

Meanwhile, my dear, sweet, trying-to-be-hard-boiled journalist brother-in-law is just about the proudest daddy you have ever seen. I think we were the two least cynical newspaper editors on earth this weekend. James McCaddon is certainly a respectable name, but I had to give Geoff a little static for failing to name his cub Woodward Bernstein or perhaps Benjamin Bradlee Ritter….

OK, that’s enough fawning. You don’t want to hear me yang about the baby. You want to see pictures. And I have plenty of them for you — click here for all the cuteness you can stand. And don’t even try to tell me that Jamie is not the cutest little guy you have ever seen, because you know he is.

Back in Tulsa for two hours, and I miss him already. Grace and Geoff are just going to have to move to Oklahoma. That’s all there is to it.

Aunt Hippie Chick