I bagged this sunset on Illinois 13 somewhere south of Pinckneyville as I was coming back from my parents’ house last night. I wish I could figure out the exact settings my eyes use to see stuff like this so I could make the camera replicate exactly what I’m seeing. The colors were much nicer when I was actually out there, and the light was giving a pinkish-golden cast to all the farms on the backroads in southern Illinois.  I love the pink cloud in the picture below:


The dogs had some excitement this evening. My friend Terriann came by to bring me a present she’d picked up for me at the White Rock Marathon in Dallas this weekend. Her munchkins, Jaiden and Corbin, came along for the ride and had a ball playing with the dogs. I’d be hard pressed to say who was having more fun — the kids or the dogs.

It’s funny: Scout normally hates strangers, but if the stranger in question is less than three feet tall, she’s the most charming little hostess you ever saw. I think she recognizes a kindred spirit when she sees one — and rat terriers are perpetual puppies, so they identify with little kids.

Jaiden and Corbin have two big dogs of their own, so they weren’t the least bit intimidated by Songdog and Jason, who can be a little bit much for some kids. Wish I’d had the camera handy when they were playing; they were really cute.

Hope you had a fun and exciting afternoon, wherever you are.