Don’t know why

I don’t know why City Farmer’s webcam fascinates me so much, but I check it at least twice a day. That garden is 2150 miles away. I’ve never seen it, and I probably never will. But somehow looking at a picture of it a couple of times a day, keeping tabs on what’s going on there, makes it seem less distant. Somehow seeing it every day makes me feel like I know it, even though I’ve never turned a forkful of compost or planted a seed there. Indirectly, there’s a little bit of that garden in my own back yard and in my own kitchen, because it was the City Farmer site that really lit a fire under me a few years ago to get out of my apartment and into a real house with a real yard where I could plant a real garden instead of consoling myself with potted herbs, and it was the same site that inspired me to start my first vermicomposting bin. Now the garden and the worm bin are part of my day-to-day existence.

It’s nice to be able to look in on the garden in Canada that inspired me so much seven years ago, and it’s fun to daydream about who’s driving the cars on the road in the background, and what’s lying dormant under the snow, and where Gyro the garden cat might be napping at this moment.

I love the Internet. Somehow it makes the world seem much smaller and friendlier.