Snow photos


I went over to Sapulpa this evening to grab dinner at the Happy Burger and shoot their wonderful neon sign in the snow. I like the Christmas lights on the building. I’m going to build them a Web site as soon as I get some information from them.

I love shooting buildings and signs on Route 66 in the snow.


I didn’t see Sapulpa’s parade. I think they were going to postpone it because of the weather, but I’m not sure. There were so many cancellations and changes around here in the wake of the ice storm that I can’t begin to keep track of them all.

Red Fork in the snow

Red Fork in the snow. I love those little ornamental shrubs flanking the entrance to the art gallery.

First Church of Christ, Scientist, Tulsa

First Church of Christ, Scientist, at the intersection of Route 66 (11th Street) and Boulder in Tulsa. Too bad I didn’t get out there this morning, when the light was coming from the east. Everything I wanted to shoot this afternoon was backlit. Still pretty, though, with the snow on the walls and bushes.


It was still snowing some when I got this shot of the snow piling up in my hanging baskets on the deck the other night. It was quite a storm.

Hope you’re in where it’s warm tonight.