Race photos

“Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours.”– Richard Bach

Here are a few shots from the Route 66 run:

Terriann, Lynda and me

Terriann, Lynda and I were all smiles before the race started. We weren’t quite this chipper a few miles in, but we survived.

Finish line

That’s Lynda on the left, crossing the finish line with me. My friend Anne’s mom was right behind us. I have no idea how long she was back there. I didn’t even see her until we went to get our medals.

Fleet Feet crew

Christopher, Mike, and Fleet Feet owner Lori goofed around after the race. I think the guys led pace groups in the marathon.

Picture picture

I don’t know this guy, but I like his style. 🙂


Terriann crossing the finish line. She posted a PR today — and not by a little bit. I think she beat her old record by more than 20 minutes. That’s a spectacular improvement.


Jennifer — a member of the Fleet Feet M4 group — finished her first marathon. I would like the record to show that the time she posted on her first marathon was way faster than my PR. M4 Rox!

Coach Paul

Often imitated, never duplicated: Paul Cox, Fleet Feet coach extraordinaire, fearless leader of the M4 crew, and all-around good guy. Paul coached me to my first marathon finish last fall, then correctly surmised that I was completely full of it when I said I was never, ever going to run another one. He even refrained from laughing at me when I showed up for a training run last spring and logged 20 miles with him after a three-month hiatus.
Terriann and Margaret

Terriann gets a hug from her mom at the finish line. Terriann’s mom probably could have run a marathon herself if she’d been in the mood this morning. She was awesome last week at the Mother Road 100 aid station.

Hope your weekend was good. Did you walk a block? Better get to it. We double the distance today with a two-block walk.

And lest you think I’ve been slacking off all day: After I finished my half-marathon this morning, we went to Target and bought me a shiny new Schwinn Jaguar beach cruiser. Dark blue, wide handlebars, seven speeds, hand brakes, and retro style. I took it out for a spin this evening. It kicked my butt for about a mile and a half. I love it. Can’t wait to get the lights hooked up so I can ride after work in the evenings. I think I’ll put streamers on the handlebars and a milk crate on the fender. I wonder if they still make Spokey-Doke beads?