I TRIPLE dog dare ya!

Did you notice my new little tab that says “Triple Dog Dare”? Click it if you’ve got the gumption. On that page are the instructions that will carry you from couch potato to marathon finisher.

Make your 2007 New Year’s resolution now, before the gym gets crowded and annoying. Get started on it tomorrow, before breakfast or after church or whenever your schedule allows it.

Oh — and as soon as you can afford it, reward yourself for trying something new by going out and buying a decent pair of running shoes. If there’s a Fleet Feet in your area, pop in and let them videotape your stride to help you pick the pair of shoes that will best suit your feet and your movements. A good pair of running shoes will generally set you back about $80 to $100. That sounds like a lot, but they’ll last about six months on this program, and those longer runs will be a lot more fun if you’re wearing shoes that were designed to be comfortable over the long haul.

Also, if you’re a girl, buy yourself a good sports bra. I’ll spare the guys an explanation of why this is important; just trust the voice of experience on this. Target has good prices and good product. Everlast — which I think is available at Wal-Mart — used to make a good zip-front model that’s easy to get on and off and VERY comfortable on long runs.

Now … go take a peek at the workout I’ve got planned for you tomorrow. Even if you’re sitting there thinking, “I’m not a runner. I can’t run a block, let alone 26.2 miles.” ESPECIALLY if you’re thinking that. Just go look at the first week’s schedule.

Try it. And let me know how it went. I want to know how many people have the cojones to take me up on this challenge. I’m making it as easy for you as I know how. Go take a look at the schedule, and then give it a try. You can always quit if you don’t like it. But I think you’ll stick with me. And if you happen to be in Oklahoma, I’ll sweeten the deal a little bit in a few weeks.

Come run with me!


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