Ron harvested honey the other day. The girls were not happy about having an intruder pulling frames out of their hive, but Ron appeased them by putting the spent frames back out so they could recycle what was left of the honey.

Spent honeycomb

We ended up with 10 half-pint jars of sweet, wonderful wildflower honey. I’ve only given away one jar at this point, but judging from the recipient’s response, I think our girls are going to make us very popular. I can’t take much credit for the end product. Ron does most of the maintenance on the hive. All I did was plant zinnias and sunflowers and nicotiana to supply nectar for the bees.

Speaking of flowers, my convolvulus is doing something interesting. It survived the frost and is blooming again, but instead of the usual midnight-blue blossoms, it’s putting out white ones:


Hope your day was full of sweetness and surprises.