Saving history

Ron just put something on his blog tonight about the beautiful and historic Spraker Service Station on Route 66 in Vinita. Evidently the car dealer who owns the building wants to tear it down because it’s in disrepair and he is unwilling to spend the $10,000 or so that he thinks it would take to fix it.

Some things are more important than money. History is one of them. And $10,000 isn’t really that much money — especially when there are cost-share grants available to cut that amount in half, and especially when there’s a volunteer crew right here in Oklahoma that’s ready, willing and able to contribute thousands of dollars’ worth of elbow grease that will count toward the property owner’s match.

Please take a few minutes to read what Ron says about this property — which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places — and write a letter to the owner, asking him to reconsider his ill-advised plan to demolish the building.

I really think restoring the building would bring him enough positive publicity and enough goodwill to make it well worth the cost of the restoration — and it would give him a wonderful landmark to use in his advertising: “Come see us next to the beautiful cottage-style gas station on Route 66 in Vinita!”

Ron’s post about the station includes contact information and talking points to help you write your letter. Please take the time to help out.