Circle Cinema


Circle 2

Circle 3

The Circle Cinema, on an old alignment of Route 66 here in Tulsa, recently had its historic neon sign restored. The letters light up in sequence; I didn’t bother posting the entire series, but you get the idea from these. It’s a beautiful restoration job.

The Gateway Motor Hotel is on the newest alignment of 66 in Tulsa — S.H. 66, which coincides with I-244 and I-44 on the way west out of town. It’s one of several old motels along this stretch. The most spectacular sign — the one at the Western Capri — was torn down for no apparent reason a few weeks ago. Somehow I never got out there to photograph it. I learned my lesson and got a shot of this one tonight, just in case.

I love taking photos of neon signs on cold, clear nights. The air is dry, and the atmospheric conditions are just about perfect for catching the glow of a luminous tube.