17 miles

I was supposed to run 20 miles this morning, but every problem I’ve ever had with a run seemed to surface somewhere around the 13-mile mark today, so I wound up joining two others who caught a ride back to the parking lot after 17 miles. I just haven’t had time to train right this season, and I’m really struggling. I’ll be glad when the marathon is over.

On the up side, our run took us through a neighborhood I hadn’t explored in north Tulsa — one that I found fascinating, with lots of historic buildings and a lovely boulevard — and down the Katy Trail, which was beautiful. We also ran through a wealthy midtown neighborhood where the trees were absolutely spectacular, with red and yellow and fiery orange leaves. The foliage this fall has been kind of so-so because of the drought this summer, but all the lawns in this particular neighborhood have built-in sprinkler systems, and I think the fact that they got watered all summer made for much nicer fall colors. The mansions don’t really impress me (I’m not keen on conspicuous consumption), but the landscaping is nice. I always enjoy stealing landscaping ideas from the houses we pass on our long runs….