As you may recall, I discovered in July that someone had plagiarized a book I wrote. It really hacked me off, and I had to figure out how to handle the situation without letting pride or anger or a vengeful attitude clutter up my response.

I took some steps in that direction, but for reasons too numerous to list, I never got around to following up on it after my initial contact with the guy (who was completely unwilling to own up to his mistake).

In the meantime, I developed some really annoying allergy-type symptoms that threatened to make me miserable for the entire season. They hung on for weeks and weeks. It was maddening.

I called a practitioner and asked her to help me with the allergy problem. She didn’t know about the plagiarism situation, and it had never occurred to me that there might be a connection between the two … until this morning, when, between sneezes, it suddenly came to me to check eBay and see if the guy was still selling his book on there.

He was.

I surfed eBay a little bit and learned that I could report his copyright violation in a way that wouldn’t get him in any real trouble but would let him know that I wasn’t buying his excuse. Basically, I could report him to eBay, and the eBay folks would cancel his auction and tell him to stop selling the book or risk being banned from the site forever.

It took me just a few minutes to file a claim with eBay. By the time I finished, I realized that I wasn’t sneezing or sniffling at all.

I don’t worry about physical causes for physical problems; I’ve found that invariably, physical symptoms are simply red flags alerting me to an underyling spiritual problem that needs to be corrected. Instead of dinking around with cold medicine to mask the symptoms, I’d rather cut to the chase and heal the spiritual problem itself.

In this instance, it occurred to me that we typically associate allergies with some kind of irritant — pollen, mold, smoke, pollution, whatever — so it stood to reason that an irritant in my thought (this situation with the plagiarist) would manifest itself with the physical symptoms of hay fever.

The instant I removed that irritant, my thought was healed, and the physical symptoms disappeared.

What a lovely healing … and what a lovely autumn.