9 miles

I wish I’d had the camera with me this morning. I went to Owasso with my friend Terriann to run the “Great Pumpkin Challenge.” The Methodist Church up there sponsored back-to-back 5K and 10K runs that started next to their pumpkin patch this morning. You could run either or both. Since we’re training for the Route 66 Marathon, we went ahead and ran both.

The T-shirt and finisher’s ribbon were nice, but the biggest reward for getting up early to run in the cold was the sunrise. I don’t see the sunrise too often, but if they all looked like this, I’d get up for them more often — this morning’s was all golden and orange in the middle, with gorgeous pink clouds stretching out to infinity.

For those of you playing along at home, I finished my 5K in 30:45, which was my third-best finish time. Not bad at all, considering the way I’ve been running lately — my performance all season has been absolutely abysmal.

I’ve never run a 10K before, so any finish time I got was going to be a PR. I came across the finish line in 1:05:05. Not great compared to most of the other runners, but the combined times (1:35:50) would have been good for a middle-of-the-pack Tulsa Run finish.

Terriann posted PRs (and kicked my butt) in both the 5K and 10K. She’s worked really hard this season — much harder than I have — and has a lot to show for it. Up to this point, I’ve run stronger than she has in the races we’ve run together, so it was really cool to see her cheering me on from the finish line today. She’ll probably do it again in the marathon next month, too. She’s gotten her thoughts in order and run really well lately.

Next Saturday is a 20-mile training run. Yecch. We’ll see how I do. I may just Galloway it. I can’t see running the entire thing when I’m planning to Galloway the marathon itself. Especially not when I judge the success or failure of any run by the way I feel at the end, not the numbers on the clock. If I feel good and had a good time running, I’m happy. I’m not likely to qualify for Boston in this lifetime anyway, so why not just slow down and enjoy the course?

Speaking of Boston qualifiers, I am rooting for my coach. He’s looking to qualify when he runs Chicago in the morning. Tall order, considering he’s trained with my slow butt all season and is used to running 11:30 miles with Fleet Feet’s M4 group, but he posts some awesome times in the Tulsa Run every year, so I know he’s got it in him.



3 thoughts on “9 miles”

  1. It really was a lovely sunrise, something a Renaissance painter could have put on canvas. I get to see a lot of them since I’m up early every day, riding a bicycle to work. Oddly, some of the nicest one involve the sewer plant on 56 Street North. Their sodium vapor lights light up the fog from underneath with an other-worldly orange glow as the sun lights the sky in pinks and reds.

  2. That’s interesting about the sewer plant. I remember being told in science class when I was a kid that sunrises and sunsets are colorful because the angle of the sun in relation to our particular location on the globe is such that the light is being filtered through more airborne dust and dirt at that time of day. It struck me as odd that something so beautiful could be the result of dirt.

  3. Do you remember when it would smell funny at night and Mom would tell us it was the sewer plant, and Oliver and I thought that meant a plant growing in the ground that smelled like the sewer? Sometimes I wonder, with this baby on the way, what goofy ways I will warp his/her understanding of the world…

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