Same song, second verse

In the continuing saga of “Orion”: I have now purchased, from eBay, a copy of the sixth-grade Silver Burdett Music book — the teacher’s edition, no less — which contains the elusive “Orion.”

Next up: I’ll try to get hold of James Taylor’s people and see if I can talk him into covering it. (CAUTION: Music plays automatically when you click the link.) Judging from the interest in the song — I’m averaging a couple of hits per day from people searching for the lyrics — it would probably be worth the effort to record it.

If he’s not up for it, maybe Gordon Lightfoot could be persuaded to give it a go. That’d be cool.

No word yet on whether that record I looked at on eBay has the song on it.


3 thoughts on “Same song, second verse”

  1. Can you transcribe and post the full lyrics? We’ve had many contributions, but it hasn’t been posted in toto, as far as I know.

  2. I could if I were sure I wouldn’t be sued for copyright infringement. When I get a hand free, I will write to the composer and try to secure permission to reprint the lyrics (and, if he’ll allow it, the music) on here.

    Otherwise, check eBay. It appears to be a common (and relatively inexpensive) item.

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