Yesterday’s project

Here’s what I got done last night. This is what the kitchen counters looked like when I started:

This is how they looked half an hour later:

I forgot to take pictures of the closets, but they figure heavily into this next project. Picking up the clutter in the living room doesn’t look like a big deal, but there was a lot more to it than that, which I will explain below the photos:

The point of this project was to carve out a little space in my house where I could read and study. I love to curl up in the comfortable, padded bowl of my papasan chair and read, so I wanted that little metal bookshelf on the left to be in the living room. The problem was that I had it in my office, full of Route 66 reference books and materials.

At one time, it made more sense to have those things in my office, but since Ron started his Route 66 News blog, he’s spent a lot of time wandering into my office and scrounging through my bookshelf in search of a map or guidebook. I knew I had a shelf that would fit perfectly in front of the window in his office, but said shelf was in the bedroom closet, covered in tax records, manuscripts, and various other detritus. The bedroom used to be our office, and Ron’s office used to be our bedroom. We switched the two rooms a year or so ago, but I hadn’t had time to get in there and switch the contents of the closets, so I’d just been slowly moving my clothes, an item or two at a time, into the bedroom closet without actually moving anything else out. The result was, of course, utter chaos.

To unearth the bookshelf to put in Ron’s office so I could move our Route 66 books off my little shelf and put it in the living room to hold my metaphysical books (did you just follow all that?) I had to finish switching the contents of the closets. (This is why I used to hate cleaning my room when I was a kid … somehow it was never simple. Cleaning, in my world, invariably involves an intricate chain reaction that takes forever to wade through.)

I wish I’d taken pictures of that process. It was crazy. But I now have a comfortable little nook in the living room where I can curl up and study without any hassles or interruptions. Now, if I can just persuade Scout to share the papasan with me, we’ll be in business. 🙂

My office still needs work, but getting it in order should be a piece of cake compared to last night’s project.

As soon as I get all the cleaning and organizing done, I’m going to start that kitchen project I was talking about yesterday….


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