Suddenly feeling productive.

I went to Paintmaster today, gave Randy his key back, and picked up my paints, which I had deliberately left in his lobby until I finished the mural. With my paints back home where they belong, I feel a creative outburst coming on. I’m not indulging it until I get this house cleaned: bathroom, kitchen, living room, office, bedroom. (I’m not messing with Ron’s office. He’s on his own there.)

Where to start? Paint some random trompe l’oeisl on the wall for no apparent reason? Bake a batch of elaborately decorated sugar cookies? Fire up the torches and bend a set of neon tubes? Sew curtains for the Starlight Express? Clean fast and get to Lowe’s before they close to buy materials for new shelves? Dig out some scrap lumber and see if I can improve my virtually nonexistent skills with the jigsaw? Work on that watercolor project I’ve been kicking around in my head for weeks? Plan next year’s garden? Redesign my other Web sites?

So many projects … so little time. 🙂

I will report back in exactly four hours. With photos. Unless, y’know, I get distracted and find something extraordinarily cool to do while puttering around the house….


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