My friends are so awesome sometimes. I was just finishing up my kitchen-cleaning project when my friend Jane — a great Route 66er from St. Louis — called to tell me she was in Stroud and wanted to meet me for a snack at the Rock Cafe. As it turned out, I hadn’t eaten dinner yet, so I wrapped up what I was doing and lit out for Stroud.

Lest you think I’ve been a total slacker all evening, though, I took some before-and-after shots of my handiwork, which I will post later, after I finish cleaning the rest of the house. (If I start Photoshopping now, I’ll never get anything done!)

It’s amazing how much you can get done in an hour and a half.

In the course of cleaning the kitchen, I noticed that the walls seriously need to be repainted. The cabinets also need to be refinished, and the sink has needed to be replaced since we moved in, but those are expensive, time-consuming projects that will have to wait. I have masking tape, brushes, and a gallon of Kilz in the garage right now, so I think I might give the walls a facelift this weekend if I’m still feeling fidgety.

I need to make new curtains for the kitchen and living room, too. The last owners put in dark green curtains. They’re pretty, but they make the whole house look terribly dark. I think white or yellow curtains will open things up and make the rooms look bigger and lighter. It wouldn’t cost very much or take very long to buy a few yards of muslin and fire up the sewing machine.


Suddenly feeling productive.

I went to Paintmaster today, gave Randy his key back, and picked up my paints, which I had deliberately left in his lobby until I finished the mural. With my paints back home where they belong, I feel a creative outburst coming on. I’m not indulging it until I get this house cleaned: bathroom, kitchen, living room, office, bedroom. (I’m not messing with Ron’s office. He’s on his own there.)

Where to start? Paint some random trompe l’oeisl on the wall for no apparent reason? Bake a batch of elaborately decorated sugar cookies? Fire up the torches and bend a set of neon tubes? Sew curtains for the Starlight Express? Clean fast and get to Lowe’s before they close to buy materials for new shelves? Dig out some scrap lumber and see if I can improve my virtually nonexistent skills with the jigsaw? Work on that watercolor project I’ve been kicking around in my head for weeks? Plan next year’s garden? Redesign my other Web sites?

So many projects … so little time. 🙂

I will report back in exactly four hours. With photos. Unless, y’know, I get distracted and find something extraordinarily cool to do while puttering around the house….