That bwessed awwangement

I haven’t blogged since Wednesday because I haven’t been home and online since Thursday evening.

We bailed out of town after I got off work Thursday and drove all night to Illinois, rolling into my parents’ driveway around 6:30 Friday morning. Our mission was to attend (and photograph) my sister’s wedding.

Grace and her faithful sidekick, Geoff, got married Saturday evening under the gazebo in my parents’ backyard. We decorated it with garlands and twinkly lights and stuff to make it look all festive, and the kids had a big bonfire in the back 40 after the ceremony.

They used tiki torches to light the bonfire instead of doing a unity candle. In honor of Geoff’s fascination with Zorro movies, my dad made a wick for the bonfire and — unbeknownst to Geoff — arranged it in the shape of a Z so that when the fire started, the guests would see a big, flaming Mark of Zorro.

Of course the wedding was very pretty, and of course my sister looked utterly beautiful, and of course everybody had a lot of fun.

A big highlight for me was seeing my friend Zola and her family.

I used to babysit Zola’s daughter Jessica when she was little. Jessica is now in high school. I am still trying to reconcile the image of this teenage knockout with my memory of the first day I babysat Jessica. I think she was about 18 months old at the time. If I close my eyes, I can still remember the way the house smelled, and I can still feel the weight of her little body — all tangled up in her beloved white-and-blue blankie — in my arms as I picked her up to keep her from crying when Zola left, and I can still see the vaguely forlorn expression on Jessica’s little face when she’d wake up from a nap, bright-eyed, funny pink creases on one cheek where she’d rested her face against a fold in the blanket as she slept.


Speaking of surrealism, I blew into town early enough Friday to sneak down to Makanda for a few minutes. I wanted to photograph the garden behind Rainmaker, which is one of many inspirations for the fun things I am planning to do to my own garden next year. Here are a few shots:



I have more pictures, but something is going on with WordPress tonight, and I’m having trouble uploading things, so I’ll have to save them for later.


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