Ask the Hippie, Vol. 1, Issue 6

Someone found my blog today while searching for an answer to the question, “Are tomatoes bad for dogs?”

The answer, according to my test subjects, is an unequivocal NO.

When we lived in Belleville, Scout had easy access to the entire garden. Her normally white fur was stained green all summer from her forays into the wilderness of tomato vines, where she would search for split tomatoes. We had a pact: She was not to touch any intact tomatoes, but if she found a split tomato within her reach, it was fair game.

She ate a lot of tomatoes — and a fair number of bugs. Especially ants. Split tomatoes have a way of filling up with little black ants. Scout didn’t mind. Extra protein, I guess.

Jason and Songdog will also eat tomatoes on occasion, although they are not nearly as fond of them as Scout.

But yes, I think Scout has demonstrated, quite clearly, that a 15-pound dog can consume 30 pounds of tomatoes in a 24-hour period with no apparent ill effects….


3 thoughts on “Ask the Hippie, Vol. 1, Issue 6”

  1. i love seeing how people find my blog
    my daughter gets hits on hers from people searching for “rabbit poopy butt” (she had a post about her darling bunnies !!!)
    i had some ‘interesting’ hits when i had a post about how anal i am with my organising !!!!

  2. We have way to much time on our hands,look me up at Sand Springs Herb Fest, April 21 and I will give you a Strawberry Newberg…Joe…nise blog

  3. I get some hilarious hits looking for “hot hippie chicks” and stuff. I usually get about three or four of those a week.

    Joe, I’ll take you up on that Strawberry Newberg. (Says the girl who just ate a third of a bag of Wavy Lays, an entire carton of dip, and a Little Debbie zebra cake for lunch….)

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