New mission

Well, my empty to-do list lasted exactly 24 hours. But the item that’s on there now is a fun one.

This evening, I learned that a dear friend of mine — who is a pretty seasoned road warrior in his own right, with a penchant for putting in 14-hour stints behind the wheel — is so committed to getting from Point A to Point B that he staunchly refuses to stop for the night, wander into a town in search of unforgettable ambrosia hidden in some unassuming mom-and-pop diner, or even venture beyond the cluster of chains around the exit ramp to spend 15 minutes trolling for photo ops.

Do I have to tell you what my new mission in life is?

All I want is an afternoon. Just one afternoon with my friend and his wife on the Mother Road. If it takes more than that, he’s a lost cause. But I predict I’ll have him hooked before the Starlight Express finishes crossing the Rock Creek Bridge … and whatever I can’t do, Dawn “Sally” Welch and her crew at the Rock Cafe can. 🙂