After much wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’ and plannin’ and dreamin’ on my part, one of my poor little rootbound convolvulus plants on the patio has decided to bloom.

The plant itself looks a little awkward and leggy — presumably because it’s outgrown the hanging basket to which I’ve confined it — but the blossom was absolutely worth the wait.

Convolvulus is a member of the morning glory family, except it has a growth habit more like a petunia. Next year, I’m devoting an entire flower bed to nothing but convolvulus, because it’s just beyond gorgeous. This picture doesn’t do it justice. For some reason, when I optimize photos for Web use, the color washes out. The actual color of this blossom is closer to a midnight blue.



2 thoughts on “Convolvulus”

  1. I don’t know if it would work on Apple or not, but I use Pixresizer to shrink my photos. ARM off the old midwest corkboard and Our Internet Home gave me the link to download it, which is:

    It’s free and it’s one of the best programs I’ve ever used. I’ve had it for about 3 or 4 years now, and it’s very user-friendly and I’ve never had it mess up a picture for me. The color stays true and the edges are all well defined and crisp, as long as the original was. I keep a folder on my desktop called “shrunk” and use it as the default to put the finished products in. It automatically renames the file with the same name you had along with the new size, like “leaves1 (851 x 638)” so you can tell what’s what without opening it up. It just reuses the name you had given it, tacking on the dimensions as part of the name. If you can get it to work on your machine, I would highly recommend it. It’s a great little utility.

    Speaking of pictures, I uploaded 20 digital pictures one of the members took of the Garden Club’s picnic (where one of the men showed up in drag) to Snapfish last Friday and the pictures were in my mailbox on Monday. In just 10 minutes from the time I finished the upload, I got an email telling me that they had been printed and shipped. I was impressed. I had them in plenty of time for the meeting on Tuesday. The neat thing was that the first 20 were free, so all I had to pay was $1.97 postage on them. Not bad. I’ll probably use them for the wedding.

  2. Thanks for the link. It’s a Windows-only program, but maybe somebody else will see it and be able to use it.

    My gut feeling is that I’ve got a default setting jacked up somewhere in Photoshop. I could just shrink the images manually, but Web optimization involves some other fancy-schmancy technical procedure that brings the file size down a lot farther. (For instance: I manually cropped and resized the morning glory, which took it down from 18.0M to 373K. But after I resized it, I ran it through the “Save for Web” feature, which drops it down to 64.27K at maximum quality, 16.02K at high quality, or 5.274K at low quality.)

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