I had three water hyacinths blooming in the pond when I came home from work this evening. We had a gorgeous sunset tonight, too. A friend and I had dinner in Stroud tonight, and the whole way over there, we kept interrupting ourselves mid-sentence to say, “There’s another Maxfield Parrish cloud!” or “Oh, my gosh, look at that light!” or “Don’t you just love it when the sky is that color?”

It’s good to have a friend who understands about sunsets and doesn’t get offended if you stop mid-sentence to stare at a particularly nice cloud.

I hung up my Green Man next to the back door. He looks cool there. I have about a million ideas for decorating the house, garage, and yard. I want to paint the house white and the trim brown so it looks like a Tudor cottage. I want to design some window boxes for the south-facing windows that will serve as mini-greenhouses for flats of seedlings in the early spring and then convert to standard window boxes full of potted herbs in the summer. I want to build a Green Man sculpture like the one at Heligan. I want to build a gnome cottage and tuck it into the garden somewhere just for fun. I want to build an earthen oven. I want to plant a hippie-themed flower bed. I want to paint little trompe l’oeisls all over the house and garage for visitors to find and enjoy. I want to install a flagstone path so I can walk barefoot from the house to the garden without stepping on an unseen doggie bomb, cow killer, or other unpleasant surprise.

I have about a million ideas, and as soon as I clear my plate, I’m going to dive in and start working on them. Bit by bit, project by project, over the next three or four years, I want to turn my house and garden into a sort of living monument to unbridled creativity.

I’ll keep you posted on how that project goes. 🙂


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