Georgia on my mind

Sorry for the silence lately. I made a fast trip to St. Louis this weekend to be with my family at the hospital.

Adeline slipped away from us Saturday morning.

Georgia is still hanging in there. It looks like a rough battle for such a tiny girl, but she’s a fighter. She’ll be a pistol when she gets done growing. I’ve already decided that with those long legs and that tenacious streak, she’s going to grow up to be a distance runner. And I’m sure someone in our family will be willing to coach her.

Until then, you know that she and Adeline will both be riding shotgun across all my finish lines.



10 thoughts on “Georgia on my mind”

  1. Some things in life are hard to understand but in the long run things will be alright. Since Georgia is part of your family I know that she has a lot of support and we all are praying for her.
    Just think of “HIM”.

  2. So sorry to hear the news. Please give our condolences to your family. We continue to pray for Georgia.
    Peter and Sheila.

  3. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.

    I have not posted on any of the Route 66 lists in a long while but I am dedicated lurker… I feel I know everyone…

    Your optimism is inspiring.

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