A must-read

The Christian Science Monitor is running an absolutely fascinating series of stories, accompanied by short video clips, on the captivity and eventual release of Jill Carroll, the correspondent who was kidnapped in January while working for the Monitor in Iraq.

It’s long, but it’s absolutely riveting. Don’t pass up the video clips, either — they provide great insight into how Carroll managed to humanize herself to her captors, which helped keep her alive. She comes across as a bright, engaging, and eminently likeable woman.

As a Christian Scientist, I was of course aware of and absorbed in this story from the moment it broke in January, and like millions of other people of many faiths, I spent many hours praying for Carroll’s release.

As a journalist, I stand in awe of her professionalism and attention to detail — in the face of incredible danger, she not only kept her wits about her enough to stay alive, but she remembered what she had gone to Iraq to do in the first place: Get the story. As far as I’m concerned, she’s up there with the New Orleans Times-Picayune staffers who set aside their own concerns about their own losses and focused all their energy on getting the story out last year when Katrina sent Lake Pontchartrain over its banks and into the city.

Go read the Carroll series. It’s a stellar piece of journalism.