A PR of sorts

I set a PR tonight in that 5K. Not the kind I was hoping for … but considering the temperature, I’ll take it.

When I looked at the forecast last night, it said the temperature would be 89 at 7 p.m. Warm, but not bad. I’ve run in worse. Much worse. I ran in triple digits last week, which was stupid but didn’t kill me. When I got home tonight at 8:30, the Dashboard on my Mac was showing 95 … which means it was probably closer to 97 or 98 when we started running at 7:30.

With that in mind, I’m not gonna fuss too much about the fact that my clock time was well over 32 minutes — my slowest-ever 5K finish. (By the time I actually got to the finish line, I forgot to check my time. I was too focused on getting to the Wild Oats tent, where I knew they were handing out orange slices and bottles of cold water. I’ll check my exact time once they put it online.)

I set my last PR on a 75-degree September morning, with several months of consistent training under my belt, and I paced myself much better. That 20-degree difference, my lackadaisical approach to training in recent months, and the fact that I started out running this evening as if I intended to set some kind of land-speed record all wound up slowing me down. I ran out of steam somewhere around 2K and wound up walking a LOT in the second half of the race. Stupid. Very stupid. I know better.

Still, it wasn’t a terrible run. The heat did not kill me. I learned some things about race strategy. I got another race number to tack up on my wall, so that’s another seven and a half inches of dorky wallpaper border that I won’t have to look at. (OK, so making a border out of racing numbers is probably more dorky than this flowery wallpaper … but at least it’s my style of dorkiness, and not some foo-foo Laura-Ashley-knockoff style of dorkiness.)

Best of all, I recovered quickly and felt good enough by the time I got home to fix myself a pan of mac and cheese, which I thoroughly enjoyed. 🙂

Other little blessings today: I saw a goldfinch in my sunflowers. I had an awesome BLT from Crow’s Drive-In for lunch. I defused a potentially ugly situation that fell into my lap, and I think I did it gracefully, in a way that will pay dividends in the future. And I had a ball watching the little kids at Cascia before and after the race. A lot of Dillon supporters had brought their young’uns out to participate in the little festival near the start line, so several toddlers were bopping around out there, dancing and grinning and reveling in the attention they were getting from complete strangers. They were really cute.

Hope you had a good Friday evening.