Wake up and run

I’d been thinking of going to St. Louis for a one-mile race on the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, but I decided not to bother. I’ve been ridiculously sleepy all week, and I just don’t feel like I have the energy to spend 14 hours on the road this weekend.

The Old Chain of Rocks Bridge carried Route 66 across the Mississippi River for many years. It’s closed to vehicle traffic now, but you can still jog or ride a bike across it. I used to run across the bridge all the time when I lived near St. Louis, so this race would have some sentimental value, and the idea of running a mile as hard as I can go after spending two and a half years shuffling along for distance rather than time sort of intrigues me.

I decided against it, though, because I’m really not up for driving that far, and I need to spend Saturday doing some volunteer work I promised to do for the National Historic Route 66 Federation, and besides all that, I don’t want to miss the Run for the Children tomorrow night. It’s a 5K, and the proceeds go to an orphan-care program run by Dillon International, which is a local agency that helps people adopt homeless children from other countries. The people who own Fleet Feet adopted their son through Dillon, so the race obviously means a lot to them. It’s a great cause, too, so I really can’t pass it up. If you happen to be in Tulsa tomorrow evening, and you happen to be in the mood for a 5K, the race starts at 7:30 p.m. at Cascia Hall; registration is at 6, or you can preregister until 4 p.m. at Fleet Feet.

If it isn’t ridiculously hot tomorrow night (forecast right now says 89, which isn’t so bad), I might just run this one with an eye toward a PR. My best 5K time ever was a 28:40. I don’t normally run for speed, but I might push myself a little bit this time around, just for fun. It would be nice to finish in the top half of my age group instead of the bottom for once. We’re only running five miles or something like that on Saturday morning, so if I’m totally wiped out when I finish, I can always make up the mileage before church Sunday morning.

I think the big trick will be staying awake long enough to get to the finish line.

Speaking of awake, I’m not sure why I’m still up. I think it’s time to let the dogs back in and go to sleep.

Hope you’ve got a relaxing weekend planned.


Ask the Hippie, Vol. 1, Issue 5

Q. Several readers have asked: Where did you get your fence material?

A. We had to special-order it. You can get it through http://www.hutchison-inc.com. I want to say it cost us about $200 for a 100-foot roll, but don’t hold me to that. If you go to Hutchison’s Web site, you can click “where to buy” and fill out a form to get more information. I think we wound up having to order it direct from them, because the places that supposedly carry their products locally didn’t have any fencing in the height we needed. They don’t carry gates, so you’ll have to make your own — or do what we did and hire some guys to come out and install it and make a gate for you. We used Aaron Fencing for the installation. They’re right here in Red Fork. They do nice work.