I found this growing in my pond when I came home this evening. I love water hyacinths. I know they’re an invasive species that can cause havoc if they get into a waterway, but they’re wonderful for shading the water in a backyard pond, and they’re gorgeous when they bloom. I just love them.

It was hot today — the high was 103 — but I went out with the Fleet Feet crew for a 6 p.m. run anyway. Hill training, no less. I didn’t try to set any land-speed records … just jogged when I could, walked when I felt like it, and took full advantage of the water stop. We did a little over three miles. I was glad to get done and get back into the air conditioning, but this kind of training is like money in the bank: You log a few hard, hot, hilly miles when it’s 100 degrees out, and a November marathon with a few gentle hills seems almost easy by comparison.

Hope you’re staying cool wherever you are.