Mountains and neon

Cimarron River sunset

I made Ron turn the car around so I could shoot this sunset over the Cimarron River on Sunday evening. Look closely, and you’ll see a heron flying above the water.

Gloss Mountains

We came through the Gloss Mountains on U.S. 412 in Oklahoma just at dusk. The pictures don’t do them justice; I’ll have to go back a little earlier in the day to get better images.

Rest stop

U.S. 412 is littered with these little roadside parks all the way across Oklahoma. I like them; they’re a nice throwback to the rest stops we’d see along the road when I was a kid.

Tin Man

We saw this guy while we were cruising along 412, too. He was standing outside a defunct restaurant.

Click here to see photos of the gorgeous neon signs we saw along Route 66 in Albuquerque.



2 thoughts on “Mountains and neon”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I looked at the neons. They are more pleasing sign than the signs around this neck of the woods. Surely, they are art. I fell in love with the window display at Absolutely Neon. Two more that caught my eye were the La Pureta Lodge and the Century signs.

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