Quick update

I’m still sifting through the more than 150 photos I brought back from Albuquerque. I’ll put together an album for you to enjoy later, but for now, I just want to mention a handful of things before I forget:

1. On Wednesday morning, we were standing outside Joseph’s Grill and Cantina in Santa Rosa, N.M., when a little bird zipped by me at warp speed. I looked up in time to realize that I was watching a real, live blue swallow. There were three of them playing around the entryway. They were utterly gorgeous little things, with bright yellow breasts and dark blue backs that looked almost black until the light hit them and made them shimmer intense blue. Up to this point, the only Blue Swallow I had ever seen was of the neon variety. These little creatures were at least as beautiful as their namesake motel in Tucumcari. I wish I’d had the camera out when I saw them, but they were moving too fast to shoot anyway.

2. We took U.S. 54 from Tucumcari to Guymon, OK, then drove U.S. 412 east across the Oklahoma Panhandle and through the Gloss Mountains on our way back to Tulsa. It was quite a trip. Photos forthcoming as soon as I finish sifting through them.

3. While we were in Albuquerque, we cruised Central Avenue and saw literally hundreds of beautiful neon signs. I photographed about 70 of them, give or take; I’ll post the best once I get them all cropped and Photoshopped.

4. I wandered outside this morning to discover that our garden thrived while we were gone. I harvested a bunch of cucumbers, an eggplant, a Hungarian Black pepper, a few yellow cherry tomatoes, and a huge bouquet of screaming fuchsia, coral, and yellow zinnias. My immediate supervisor and I were both off last week, and another girl had to run the office in our absence, which was no small task. I took the zinnias to work and gave them to her as a little thank-you present for her efforts. The sunflowers are also starting to bloom at last. One had opened all the way, so I brought it in and took it to Suzanne this evening when we went to visit her and Michael. Our water lilies have also started to bloom; I found a blossom when I peeked into the pond this morning. I plan to get a photo of the pond soon so you can see how huge our plants have gotten. They almost completely cover the surface of the water, so I don’t anticipate any more algae problems.

That’s all for now. Gotta get back to work on those photos so I can post them later.


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