Sorry I’ve been delinquent in posting this evening. We aren’t allowed to blog from work (a wise decision by our supervisors, I think — blogging is more addictive than smoking, and it takes up 10 times as much time!) and I keep my home computer unplugged during storms, of which we have had several the last few days.

The weather has been good for my garden. I’ve got plenty of cucumbers coming on — lots of miniature White Wonders (which, for the record, taste great: nice and crispy, and I haven’t had a bitter one yet) and a couple of pickling cucumbers that are growing on a volunteer plant that came up in the middle of the peas and took over so aggressively that it crossed the trellis and wrapped itself around the garlic on the way up.

Speaking of garlic, Ron harvested garlic, shallots, and elephant garlic the other day, bundled them, and hung them up to cure. Quite a harvest, and a little early this year — garlic usually isn’t ready until July or so. We’ve also got a Hungarian black pepper about to ripen, and loads of blossoms on the pepper plants, which are going crazy in the heat and rain.

The zinnias behind the back fence have been blooming and blooming. Gorgeous things. I’ve got one sunflower on the verge of opening and several more coming along right behind it. I can’t wait for those to open. I’ve been handing out bright pink zinna bouquets, which are nice, but sunflowers are even more cheerful — and much more dramatic.

I had a headache, so I didn’t get outside to treat my roses for thrips this evening. Guess I’ll have to do it tomorrow night. Little stinkers keep damaging the blossoms, so I went to the Country Store and got some neem oil with pyrethrins in it. Technically organic, though it feels a bit like cheating. The roses smell so nice, though, that it just breaks my heart to have them look too awful to be presentable. Anything that lovely ought to be shared. I’ll lop the existing blossoms off before I treat the plants so the bees will stay out of the insecticide.

While I was at the Country Store, I asked Bill about my zucchini problem. The plants have made tons and tons of blossoms, but they just wilt and drop off without producing fruit. He says young plants sometimes make too many male blossoms, and the problem should correct itself as they mature. I ran into the same thing with my eggplant, but I noticed the other day that I finally have fruit forming on one plant, so I guess they’re on their way.

Hope your weekend was productive and full of beauty.

I have a special project in the works. Stay tuned … I hope to unveil it in a couple of weeks.


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