Mother Roading



We went over to Miami (that’s “My-AM-uh,” as in Oklahoma, not “My-AM-ee,” as in Florida) this evening in hopes of photographing the newly restored neon sign at the Coleman Theatre Beautiful.

Unfortunately, the sign wasn’t turned on, but I did enjoy a portabella mushroom sandwich, a terrific limeade, and a nice sunset at Waylan’s Ku-Ku.

On the way to Miami, we followed Route 66, stopping in Chelsea to explore the pedestrian tunnel under 66.


Ron had been skeptical as to its actual existence, but I had seen the entrances for it in the past, so I showed him where it was this evening, and we got out and wandered through it. I hadn’t realized it was still open and accessible to tourists.


Tunnels like this were a necessity during the heyday of Route 66, when traffic was so heavy that crossing the street was a dangerous proposition.

East of Afton, we drove part of the Sidewalk Highway — a very early, very narrow alignment of Route 66 — until we came to a railroad crossing that was blocked by a train that was just grinding to a halt as we arrived. We turned around and went back to the main alignment, but not before I popped a couple of shots of some Queen Anne’s lace that was growing alongside the road.

Queen Anne's lace

Queen Anne's lace

I have a soft spot for Queen Anne’s lace, because it really saved the day at our wedding. I discovered at the last minute that the flower arrangement I’d made to go on the altar looked great up close but really terrible from a distance. I was running out of time and money, so I handed Ron a pair of scissors and a big vase and sent him out to a railroad right-of-way near our apartment to gather a bouquet of Queen Anne’s lace. Those delicate white flowers made a perfect backdrop for the unity candle, and nobody was any the wiser. 🙂


These hollyhocks were growing in a huge raised bed/planter sort of thing in front of the Coleman this evening.


The Coleman’s sign was off, but I thought the building, with its fabulous architectural details, still looked marvelous silhouetted against the sky.

Hope your Sunday was as good as ours.



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