Turtle 911

My friend and I went for a run this morning. We were out about an hour and a half. During the course of our run, we met two very large, very friendly dogs who wanted to follow us. We walked them back to their owner, a retired schoolteacher who has horses and gave me her number so I can call her and come pick up some manure for my garden.

We also saw tons and tons of beautiful flowers and all sorts of wildlife: a turtle, a little rabbit, squirrels, and something tiny that was moving too fast for me to identify. I think it was a field mouse. It moved like a rodent.

When we got back to the house, I was showing my friend my garden, and she said, “Look — a turtle!”

A little turtle — presumably the same one I photographed a couple of weeks ago — was struggling to escape the confines of the yard by forcing itself through the chain-link fence. The poor little thing couldn’t understand that its shell was simply not going to fit through that fence. It got its head and front legs through the fence, but its shell was caught and wasn’t going anywhere.

It took some doing to disentangle the little critter without getting clawed or bitten, but I managed to free it and took it around to the front yard, where I put it under one of the mystery shrubs. If looks could kill, I’d have been a dead woman. That turtle was NOT happy about being picked up and carried around the yard. It was just flailing its little feet and head all over the place until I put it down. I never saw a turtle run so fast as that one did once I set it on the ground.

I’ll get some photos of the garden this weekend. The sunflowers are getting really big, and the zucchini plants are just enormous.



2 thoughts on “Turtle 911”

  1. Thanks! Extricating that turtle from the fence without getting clawed or bitten was a bit of a trick, but I finally got him loose. Poor thing was utterly outraged at this indignity.

    We’ll see you at the festival. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll bother making up prints and taking them along to sell (I’ve done it in the past, but it’s a real hassle), but we’ll definitely have a booth and will be shilling for Ron’s blog and probably for my Route 66 for Kids site and a couple of organizations and things as well. I think ours might end up being sort of a catch-all booth for all the pies we’ve got our fingers in.

    If I have time, I’ll probably print up some notecards and things with some of my favorite images on them and offer them as a fundraiser for the OK 66 Association’s preservation committee. I’m not sure what else I’ll offer. Depends on my mood and my schedule between now and then. I’ve got a lot of busy weekends ahead of me before we head west.

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